What Is A Cockspur Window Handle?

what is a cockspur window handle?

Upvc cockspur window handle shown with catch.

A cockspur handle is just a simple latch and catch arrangement found on upvc, timber and aluminium windows. cockspur handles are a two-piece arrangement involving a latch (cockspur handle) and a catch. The latch closes onto or into the catch.

How do you tell the difference between a cockspur handle on a timber window or that of a upvc window?

Cockspur window handle for a timber window

Timber cockspur handle with catch

On upvc and aluminium double glazed windows the cockspur handles close onto a wedge block mounted on the opposite side of the frame The latch and the catch are on the same plain. The nose tends to be longer on a cockspur handle to ensure that the bridge is more secure, particularly so for upvc.

Timber window cockspur handles close into a catch as opposed to over the top of the catch, and the nose tends to be shorter. The latch and catch are at 90 degrees to each other in the corner of the frames.

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