Within this page you can watch the product video of a typical high security set of anti snap door handles manufactured by Hoppe (other manufacturers make different models). It's important to understand how effective and well built these handles need to be if you want to avoid any lock snapping attempt on your door.

There is little doubt now that the use of a lock snapping technique is a popular method of compromised entry. It is used on upvc door handles containing outdated and vulnerable euro cylinders. It's a technique that is simple and the chances are high that your door is vulnerable to this type of attack. Watch this 3rd party external video to learn more.

There are two ways you can improve the security of your door against lock snapping.

  1. Install a 3 star anti snap lock
  2. Install a set of 2 star upvc security door handles

According to the British Standard Security test, 2 stars give you anti snap protection and 3 stars give you anti snap and anti bump protection (anti bump is 1 star). 2 star anti snap door handles are now becoming more popular, but it is still unlikely that you will find this security version if your handle is older than 20 years or so. In this case change your cylinder to a 3 star anti snap lock. If you do use the 2 star anti snap door handles then also use a 1 star cylinder lock for ultimate protection (you can also use a 3 star lock with a 2 star anti snap door handle).

Hoppe 2 Star Anti Snap Security Door Handles Video


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