Trying to find the correct set of upvc external door handles set is daunting to say the least. Front door handles will always provide a challenge or two because of the different locks and materials that doors have been made from. Upvc door handles are not quite like a conventional door handle as the screws pass through the internal lock case. Your job is to find the correct one to fit your door lock from a lengthy list of different sizes. This means the screw fixings, lever spindle and the key hole all have to line up! This can be further complicated if you have two spindles, as is typical with upvc offset door handles or some lever pad handles.

Check the diagram below to quickly assess the measurements you need for a simple inline set of upvc external door handles. From there you can get down to the business of finding the handle from our How To Measure uPVC Door Handles Guide which has the links to the different upvc external handles.

Take 3 Measurements

(see the diagram below)

uPVC Door Handles Guide

A: Size between the centre of the lever and the centre of the key-hole

B: Size between the centre of the lever and the centre of the top screw

C: Size between the centres of the two screws.

uPVC External Door Handles Go Back a Long Way

Typical euro lock design

uPVC door handles are almost always used for external facing doors and incorporate a cylinder based door lock. This makes life a lot easier as the use of cylinders is fairly standard now. Nowadays the 'light bulb' shape euro cylinder lock is the standard lock type used for euro locking external door handles.

When you have found the correct replacement upvc door handles then installation is so easy to do. It literally is just undoing a couple of screws and releasing the handle from the door. Customers are surprised by this but conversely it can be very frustrating if the handles don't fit. This is something to keep uppermost in your mind when looking for the correct handles as close enough is not good enough.

How To Replace uPVC Door Handles - a short video

Our video below highlights the simple process of measuring and replacing a generic set of handles on a uPVC door.