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uPVC Door Handles - Information

How do you find the correct set of upvc door handles? Simple!

Measure the centre positions of your lever, key-hole and fixing screws.

Most upvc door handles work off one inline spindle. If your levers are off-set then try the pad upvc door handles.

There are so many types of handle sets that have been used by door lock manufacturers over the years and the consumer can find this challenging at best. To replace your handle requires a little bit of patience to follow a few basic guidelines. The importance of selecting the correct handle set cannot be emphasised enough. HandleStore have produced a simple guide on how to measure upvc door handles that you can use and if you follow these steps it will lead you to the correct replacements to choose from.

If all of that is too confusing then scroll down the pictures until you come to one that looks the same as your current handle or has the fixings spaced correctly. Then click on the handle image and read through the details including the sizes diagram. Remember you can always use our technical support service - just send an email to our technical support team and we'll get straight onto it!

Some of the handle sets have springs and you can see these inside the backplates if they have them. They are not always necessary but they do help if the spring inside the lock goes as this will give it some spring and keep the handle horizontal instead of a droop.


Good quality and security are vital these days as some burglary techniques involve breaking the backplate to get at the door lock. Hoppe have come up with a security door handle that has a special guard over the cylinder as well a chunky backplate. These are a must for any exterior door as long as they fit the lock you have.


Most of the lever door handles on this page are symmetrical so you can set them either way on the door. Only the D11 with its swan neck design is handed so how do you determine if its a right handed or left handed needed? Viewing the door from the outside which side are the door hinges on? On the left side means you need a left handed set and vice versa for right handed.


Colours of handles vary depending on the age of the lock set and the level of demand. Most upvc door handles are available in the primary colours of white, gold and silver. White and black colours are generally powder coated finishes whereas the silver and gold are anodised. The bright finishes of chrome and brass are electro-plated finishes and in some cases they are coated by PVD or Resista for a more hard wearing surface.


The base metal of these locks can vary between aluminium alloys and a zinc alloy. Nowadays a lot of the locks are made from aluminium castings and these tend to be more lightweight but nevertheless up to the job. The zinc alloy castings are usually much heavier and give a good feel of quality. The manufacturers have tended to go for aluminium levers for ease of finishing and the lighter weight of the handle to avoid over-stressing the locks and hence less likelihood of spring failure in the lock itself (drooping handles to you and I).


Only use a dry cloth and at best a very mild soapy water solution to keep your upvc door handles looking good! If you use anything more than this the finish can deteriorate and even decompose. We certainly don't recommend any other method such as general chemical based household cleaners - avoid!


The selection of products we offer you are chosen to last. Good quality manufacturers and businesses that are going to be around. Take Hoppe for example, most of their products are shown on this website and for a good reason - genuine quality products, quality company and products at competitive prices. Hoppe have an operational guarantee for 10 years and we pass that onto you when you purchase from HandleStore. Other manufacturers do the same so look out for the detail on each page carrying the guarantee mark. Sadly we can't offer a guarantee on the finishes apart from the Resista or PVD you will see across the site. Like all things if you treat things well and with care they will last a very long time and upvc door handles are no exception.

Handles to Suit any Door

Whether you need door handles for your upvc front door, back door, patio, conservatory, balcony or any other door externally facing, we can help. There are so many products to choose from that we’re sure we have something for you, whatever colour or style you need.