DIY Your Own Fixed Lever uPVC Door Handle

If you are looking for a fixed lever upvc door handle then the options are now few and far between. Fixed levers were in use quite a lot in the early days when certain multi-point locks required the key to turn the locks instead of lifting the handle. Nowadays a fixed lever upvc door handle can be found in communal blocks on entry doors employing code locks or similar. In effect they are used as pull handles.

There is however a way that you can alter your existing or new upvc door handles using a stub spindle. fixed lever upvc door handle stub spindle These spindles are a one piece construction and designed to fit into the handle lever and the backplate. Provided the plate of the stub spindle is not to loose within the handle backplate then the plate will stop the handle turning. There is always a bit of play in the handle movement but you can consider the handle to be fixed from turning.

Now that you can see how simple the stub spindle is then all you need to do is the following:

  • measure the cavity on the inside of your existing upvc door handle backplate.
  • check that there are no fixed obstructions like a upvc door handle spring
  • measure your existing spindle is an 8mm cross-sectional size.
  • check the size of the stub spindle plate will sit inside the backplate. Two sizes are available: 29 x 22mm and 45 x 23mm. Use the longest one if possible.
  • cut down your main spindle to a size suitable to pass through the door and into the internal lever

Watch The Video below showing How The Stub Spindle Works

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