Going on holiday?

The summer holidays are here and it looks as though a heat wave has hit us to start it off in style!

Summer holidays are a time for relaxing, spending time with friends and family, bbqs, days out and much better packing your suit case and going on holiday!
One thing that no one wants to come home to is a house that has been broken into!

So to reduce the risk of burglary whilst you’re away or out for the day here are some things to consider before you leave:

  • LIFT IT, LOCK IT! Always make sure you lift the handle whilst locking the door, even if you are in your back garden having a family BBQ this is a must! It only take seconds for someone to get in and take something.
  • Make sure all windows are securely shut and locked! If you have a damaged window handle or a broken lock make sure these are replaced before going on holiday.
  •  If you want to leave windows open whilst you’re sleeping then window restrictors can be fitted. They will only allow a window to be opened to a certain width! These are great for the hot summer nights!
  • Have a relative, friend or a trustworthy neighbour visit your house every now and again! Not the same day every day but at different times.
  • Install light timers/ Set your house alarm.
  • Don’t spread the word on social media that you are going to be away, as much as you may want to, words and statuses spread quickly.. Don’t leave valuables on show for the eye to see.
  • Ensure your shed and garage is locked securely.

Have a great summer holidays!

Author: George Mitchell