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Replacing Slimline uPVC Window Hinges

Follow These 3 Steps To replace Your Slimline uPVC Window Hinges

Measure the track width as 15mm.Step 1: Measure The Track Width

This is the overall width of the track and must not be measured inside the track. Sometimes the hinge is fitted inside a groove and it may be easier to measure the groove that the slimline hinge sits in. The standard type of hinge is 18mm so it is only a small but important size difference. By far and away the most common type of hinge on double glazed windows is the 18mm size so care is needed here before ordering. Just using a tape measure should do the trick. For information the arm side will also be 15mm on this slimline hinge as well as a standard hinge.

Measure the length of the track.Step 2: Measure The Total Length Of The Track

Replacement hinges are modulised into incremental sizes of 8 inch, 10 inch etc. The tolerance of the module size may vary by half an inch or more but this not a problem to replace hinges. It may be the case that some of the fixings need to be re-spotted for fixing but this generally accepted as an easy task to undertake. All you need to do is measure from one end to the other end of the hinge, at the track, including the end cap. The arm that is fitted to the opening side of the window is not important and will not require a measurement.

Side hung or top hung hinge.Step 3: Confirm Side Hung Or Top Hung Swing

Remember that a side hung window hinge has the handle at the side and a top hung hinge has the handle at the bottom of the window. This diagram will explain it but be careful as this confuses a lot of customers. The picture is shown from the inside of the room.