Conservatory handles for upvc' target='_self' >door handles for upvc doors are usually fitted to a double door combination. One side (known as the slave door) has no external locking feature but does carry a handle. The main door has the full lock in the same way you would expect to see for front door handles. In such cases the slave door is locked independently. This is done by either a multi-point lock engaged by turning the handle or flushbolts on the inner edge of the door. When the main door is closed and locked this also then locks in the slave door. The slave door has a separate mullion attached to the side of the door. This extra frame is for rebating the door behind the main door. When changing the cylinders on a slave door you can take this extra mullion frame off the door to access the cylinder lock.

When it comes to replacement upvc conservatory door handles life starts to get a bit tricky. The problem here is that the door designs have continually changed and for reasons of security. This has led to different combinations of upvc door handles being used and many are no longer available as replacements. This video shows you some of the options for uPVC French door handles including using a half cylinder for extra security.

If replacing your upvc conservatory door handles then first find the replacement upvc door handle for the main door. You can do this from a simple matrix we have produced showing how to measure upvc door handles. Follow the appropriate link and then look for any Related Products within the Product page you have arrived at. These will be shown either in this section or go to our uPVC French door handles page to explore more directly there.

Conservatory Door Handles Video

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If you have a conservatory why not consider using a conservatory door restrictor to keep the double doors open in the Spring and Summer?

Half euro cylinders for your upvc conservatory door handles or even garage doors.