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R08 Window Restrictor Installation

R08 Window Restrictor Installation

Please note always try the position of the restrictor by hand before drilling final positions for fixing and fit the arm and the bracket pin inline with the hinge. When drilling please ensure that care is taken to avoid any conflict with other hardware or the glass unit!

These window restrictors are best used on upvc and aluminium double glazing. They are unlikely to be suitable for timber windows hung via butt hinges. Care should be taken to fit the pins as this will involve installation from the outer side of the window.

Fixing instructions for the R08 window restrictor

  1. Position the window restrictor by hand on the inside of the stationary frame towards the corner and in-line with the hinge. Ensure that when the restrictor is in-line there is no interference with other hardware fixed to the frame. Make a gentle mark with a pencil at the end of the restrictor on the inside of the frame.
  2. Close the window and make a further mark at a distance of 80mm from the end of the window restrictor on the opening frame (see diagram).
  3. Line up the centre of the bracket/pin with the pencil mark on the opening frame and ensure no interference with other hardware mounted on the opening frame. Use the correct length screws to fix the bracket and arm to their respective frames taking into account any conflict with the glass unit and screw length.
  4. Close the window and the pins should locate into the arm. If the pin does not engage then use a longer pin to meet the gap depth.
  5. Finger pull the window restrictor to release when required.

Important Safety Notes - Please Read:

  1. Before fitting any window restrictor please ensure that the window is not used as a fire-escape route.
  2. Screws provided are for use on uPVC frames only. Aluminium windows require rivets (not supplied).
  3. Please ensure that all adult occupants are aware of the device and how to release the restrictor for the window to open fully.
  4. All window restrictors should be fitted to windows to create an opening air gap no greater than 100mm (10 cms) for child safety.
  5. Restrictors are not security devices and do not improve the security of your window.
  6. Two restrictors should be placed on top hung windows either side of the window for a corner brace. Top hung hinges can stretch under collision causing a safety issue.
  7. All information is provided in good faith and it is the responsibility of the end user to ensure the restrictor is fitted and used correctly to meet the required performance and safety of the window.