Two-thirds of buyers say they would offer under the asking price if the house they wanted came with bad taste features, such as an avocado-coloured bathroom suite.

According to, a survey from reveals the design features homebuyers hate the most. Some 39 per cent of buyers say they detest woodchip wallpaper and 36 per cent are put off homes with mirrored ceilings. Nude portraits are disliked by British househunters too, with 35 per cent calling them unattractive.

On the other hand, sellers could really benefit from installing some of buyers most loved features, as 27 per cent say they are prepared to pay over the asking price if the house has certain things. The kitchen seems to be the most important room for many, as 36 per cent name a fitted kitchen as their favourite feature. A further 31 per cent adore granite kitchen surfaces and an American fridge-freezer draws in 19 per cent of buyers.

Even the colour of the front door can have an impact on a buyer's first impression. The best front door colour is red, with 13 per cent of buyers choosing this as their favourite. Brits aren't fond of pink front doors though; 26 per cent of buyers believe this is the worst colour to pick, reports