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Police remind residents to secure their doors and windows!

Prevent burglary by taking just a few small steps!

Homeowners in neighbourhoods targeted by recent burglaries are being invited to crime prevention sessions designed to highlight simple security measures.

It's thought that the hot weather has lead to greater numbers of people leaving windows and doors ajar, not realising how easily opportunists can grab valuables. As such, the number of robberies reported has increased.

In Swindon especially, there have been seven incidents since July 31, prompting Wiltshire Police and the council to launch these educational sessions. According to, the public will be 'armed with information they need to stop them becoming victims of burglary'.

Along the same lines, Sussex Police officers will be visiting impacted areas along with Neighbourhood Watch volunteers, to warn residents about burglaries and try to reduce the number of crimes committed.

The advice dispensed emphasises the importance of fitting fiver-lever mortice deadlocks and bolts to front and back doors. It also covers the need for key-operated locks on windows that are on ground level or are otherwise easily accessible - remembering to remove the key from the lock and keep in a safe place.

Inspector Nick Dias of Sussex Police told that everyone can help prevent burglary by taking just a few small steps: "Simple measures like double-locking your front door and using window locks have been proven to be effective deterrents against offenders".