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Magnum Keys FAQ's

Do you cut keys onsite or send them away to be cut?

We have our own inhouse facilities for cutting the Magnum key so we can provide a next working day service.

Why do you need a copy of the key as well as the card?

We find just occasionally that the manufacturer gets the code wrong so if we go by the card and the key is different you will receive a key that doesn't work. Our inhouse team can read the patterns of the lock and establish the code is correct before commencing work.

How long does it take to receive the keys?

Generally speaking if you get your order to us by 2:00pm there is a very good chance you will get it the next working day.

Can you cut keys for any lock?

No, it needs to be the Millenco Magnum or Yale Magnum lock. We don't currently offer a cutting service for other types of keys.

What is the key made from?

The key is a brass alloy and is a good strong durable key blank made by Yale.

Can I get keys from other companies?

Yes as long as they have the correct key cutter and software. Timpsons on the high street can cut these for you.

Why are your keys so expensive?

These are security keys which require two cuts per side so we have to charge £5.99 + vat per key. One cut is performed by a dimple cutter and the other trace cut is performed by a milling cutter. There are 4 cutting operations, 2 tool changes and 1 change over operation in total compared to just one cut on most types of common house keys. The machinery and tooling costs for cutting this specific key is in excess of £20K and far more expensive than conventional machines.

Can I have keys cut at a later date?

Yes just follow the instructions on this link: Magnum Millenco Key Cutting

What sort of policy do you have to ensure no extra keys are cut for my lock without my permission?

We take this very seriously and you can read our inhouse policy here: Magnum Key Cutting Policy