Where can the lock lubricant be used?

This is a specially formulated lock lubricant made by 3in1 to help with sticky and jamming cylinder locks like euro cylinders.It can be used for a number of different hardware applications as well where moving parts are involved.Always best to check any manufacturer details if available.

How often should I use lock lubricant with the Yale DL09 lock?

It is a good idea to use it every 6-12 months in case of pollutant build up inside the cylinder. Pollutants such as dust can affect the pinswithin the cylinder and cause a sticky feel to the key. The Yale Superior cylinder works well with it but so do a lot of other euro cylinders.

What is the shelf life of the lock lubricant?

This type of oil can last a very long time and has a lot of household uses so best keep it on the shelf of the garage.