Can you replace letter boxes with the same model?

If you can then so much the better but in some cases customers have to find something similar and make them fit. Upvc letter boxes are much stricter to replace as they have a sleeve built into the design and this has to pass through the door aperture. Take a look at a standard upvc door letterbox to get the idea. Wooden doors are far more forgiving as the letter plates are fixed over the aperture. The same applies to the tidy on the inside of the door which is just a flap to 'tidy' the aperture.

Are letter boxes mountable to a wall?

This is generally a difficult job to do as the cavity inside the wall will need something to catch the post. Some customers ask if the upvc sleeve letter box would work but this is not long enough to bridge the cavity and it will generally mean making something between the front and back plates.

Can I use the letter boxes you show in a vertical orientation on a door?

It really wouldn't be a good idea as it is impractical in many respects. Vertical letter boxes are available but not widely used. These will be added to the range in the future.

I want chrome upvc letter boxes but I have heard that chrome doesn't last very long?

We have seen instances where chrome has 'pitted' and this is generally down to a few factors. Never use chemical cleaners and avoid high pollutant areas (sea air is a definite no). Manufacturers have by-and-large made progress with chrome letter box finishes using their own innovative and patented coating processes and offer good guarantees. From our experience it is a case of looking after and applying them sensibly and there will be much fewer instances of dilapidation to report.

What is the best fixing method for letter boxes on a front door?

Certainly the best method for upvc letterboxes is to use a 'clamp' method whereby the screw heads are on the inside which then screw thread into the outer side of the letterbox pulling the plates together, much like a clamp would. You will find in a lot of cases that fixing to the face of the door using self-tapping screws may be the only solution. Follow this video on how to fit a uPVC letterbox to get the idea or if you prefer the guide How To replace a Letterbox for uPVC Door. Wooden doors use the bolt and dome head screws to fix to the door. In all cases keeping the screw heads on the inside is a good thing for obvious reasons.

Are there any security issues I need to know about?

You have to remember that a hole through your door is an access point of some kind, or at least a starting point for security to be compromised. There are burglary methods used that can rip out letter boxes to provide sufficient room for a hand/arm to reach through to the internal lock or handle. If you have a letterbox in your front door then don't fit any kind of thumbturn cylinder lock as this can be reached via special tools. This should also be the case if you have glass in the door panels that are in close vicinity to the lock and also try and place any retro-fitted locks out of the way of the letterbox reach.