Writing for houzz.com, Laura Gaskill says it's a quick and easy task to perform. Plus, there are all sorts of handles available for different people's personalities and style preferences.

Julie Mihaly, another design writer, also suggests getting new kitchen cabinet handles to revitalise the room. She notes on goodhousekeeping.com that the little details in a kitchen are important, so if the handles are tired out, they should be replaced with either something that matches or something completely modern and new.

Ms Gaskill recommends changing the cooker's hood too, if the oven has one. Homeowners can opt for something fancy and custom-made instead of a going for a plain option to give the kitchen a style boost.

Moreover, an injection of colour can revitalise any kitchen, so Ms Gaskill says why not buy some stools in different shades to give guests or family members a fun place to sit. Bright kitchen tools are also a must, as plain ones can look boring and don't show off a lot of personality.

She adds that old kitchen tools that aren't used any more could take on a new use. For example, a chipped tea cup could become a small flower vase.