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  1. Window Trickle Vents Information Guide

    Window Trickle Vents Information Guide

    Are the internal window trickle vents supplied with the external canopy? Some do and some don't but you can identify a pair or a singular trickle vent from the picture and its product details. However, the website allows you to select the correct matching canopies or trickle vents and to order them at the same time. What do I need to know before ...

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  2. Window Vent Canopies – FAQ’s

    Window Vent Canopies – FAQ’s

    Are the vent canopies the external side of the trickle vent? Yes they are and in some cases they are sold individually, or as a set with the window vent. Check the details and the picture for each as it will show whether they are included as a set or not. If you need more information about the trickle vent itself we have also produced a separate ...

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