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  1. Magnum Keys FAQ’s

    Magnum Keys FAQ’s

    Do you cut keys onsite or send them away to be cut? We have our own inhouse facilities for cutting the Magnum key so we can provide a next working day service. Why do you need a copy of the key as well as the card? We find just occasionally that the manufacturer gets the code wrong so if we go by the card and the key is different you will ...

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  2. Double Glazing Spares – FAQ’s

    Double Glazing Spares – FAQ’s

    I can't find specific parts for my double glazing on your website? If you have used the Search tool at the top of the website and checked the website menu then use our Contact page to get in touch and we'll help you find it. If we don't have it we will try and point you in the right direction. My upvc window locks have failed, do you carry spares...

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  3. Window Handle Screw Caps – FAQ’s

    Window Handle Screw Caps – FAQ’s

    How do I know the window handle screw cap will fit my old handle? The only way to be sure that it will fit is to find out which handle you have and then check that it is the correct model. Most customers send a picture on email to the Technical team to identify the handle and that way you can be sure. I have ordered previously from you so will ...

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  4. Cockspur Handle Wedges – FAQ’s

    Cockspur Handle Wedges – FAQ’s

    Are these cockspur wedges a standard size? The wedges we show are the most popular size for replacement wedges but bear in mind the thickness varies. As long as your cockspur wedges have two small lugs on the back of the wedge at 31mm centres then these should replace them. What sizes are available? We sell the following sizes: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,...

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  5. UPVC Frame Cleaner – FAQ’s

    UPVC Frame Cleaner – FAQ’s

    How good is the cleaner? Customers love this product as it removes most dirt and grime, even marks that have been around for 20 years. Any marks left under door handles or around window handles and on the outside too when the windows look a little dull. Does it leave a shine? It works like a polish so with a bit of work it can buff up upvc ...

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  6. Door Handle Spindles – FAQ’s

    Door Handle Spindles – FAQ’s

    What is a stub spindle? Stub spindles are used in upvc door handles to restrict the movement of the lever and convert the handle to a pull handle. Not all door handles can use this spindle but if you check the details of the upvc door handles it will tell you either way. I have a 7mm door handle spindle lock but the door handles need 8mm spindles...

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  7. Screws For Handles – FAQ’s

    Screws For Handles – FAQ’s

    Where are sleeve bolts used? They are useful for a lot of applications but particularly where there are large voids in interior doors at the point where fixings are needed. The bolts basically screw together and clamp the handles together. Are the upvc door handle screws always a 5mm thread? A lot of the upvc door handles use an M5 thread and ...

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  8. Window Handle Keys – FAQ’s

    Window Handle Keys – FAQ’s

    Can I buy any window handle key from your range? It's not a good idea to do that as the keys are usually distinct enough to work only with the model of the handle. What is the best way to identify the correct window handle key? Most of our customers tend to send us a picture on email of the window handle and we will try and identify the handle ...

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  9. Door Handle Springs – FAQ’s

    Door Handle Springs – FAQ’s

    My uPVC door handle 'droops' so will a new spring solve the problem? It more than likely will provided they fit into your door handle. What causes a upvc door handle to 'droop'? The main cause is the lock case itself but a spring inside the door handle can correct this problem for extended longevity. Many upvc door handles of the past didn't ...

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  10. Spindle Sleeves – FAQ’s

    Spindle Sleeves – FAQ’s

    Where are these spindle sleeves used? These spindle sleeves are used on door handles and some window handles with spindles. They allow the use of smaller spindles to be adapted to a thicker size. What sizes are available? You can convert 5mm spindles to 8mm, and 7mm spindles to 8mm. How are they fitted? Using these sleeves is just as easy as ...

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