1. Key Cutting Policy for uPVC Door Locks from HandleStore.com

    Key Cutting Policy for uPVC Door Locks from HandleStore.com

    In order to process orders for extra keys we take your security very seriously. We pledge that: Key cutter personnel will never see the address information on your order. Pin numbers/codes will never be written down or passed between two people in the organisation. Key blanks will be issued by higher management to the key cutter and will...

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  2. Yale Superior Thumbturn Cylinder FAQ’s

    Yale Superior Thumbturn Cylinder FAQ’s

    Can I use a thumbturn cylinder lock to replace my existing double ended key cylinder? Yes that can be done, just measure the sizes correctly from the screw hole to the end each way as shown in the details of each thumbturn. We would always suggest keeping these thumbturn locks away from an exterior door where there may be access from a letterbox (...

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  3. FAQ’s Euro Lock Cylinder 6 Pin

    FAQ’s Euro Lock Cylinder 6 Pin

    Can I replace my 5 pin euro lock with a 6 pin? Yes and they can be any make too. 5 pin locks are found on a lot of the older euro cylinders but these are now made as 6 pin. The extra pin means the key is slightly longer and that's all it is. How easy is it to replace a euro cylinder? Very easy. The cylinder is basically held in from the side ...

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  4. Magnum Keys FAQ’s

    Magnum Keys FAQ’s

    Do you cut keys onsite or send them away to be cut? We have our own inhouse facilities for cutting the Magnum key so we can provide a next working day service. Why do you need a copy of the key as well as the card? We find just occasionally that the manufacturer gets the code wrong so if we go by the card and the key is different you will ...

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  5. Window Locks – FAQ’s

    Window Locks – FAQ’s

    Can I add extra locks to my window for more security? Generally speaking you can add extra locks to most windows but it will depend on the frame material and type as to which fits your window the best. I have a few vulnerable upvc windows and I'm going on holiday so what can I fit to improve security? A lot of customers use Frameguards to ...

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  6. Euro Cylinders – Questions & Answers

    Euro Cylinders – Questions & Answers

    Expert help for euro cylinders - check out our frequently asked questions before purchasing your euro cylinder door lock. If you are in a hurry and want to buy a euro cylinder visit this page showing all of our euro locks. Otherwise take a few minutes reading through our typical questions and answers to get a better understanding of these ...

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  7. FAQ’s DL14 Mortice Sash Locks

    FAQ’s DL14 Mortice Sash Locks

    Where can I use this door lock? These door locks are used on internal or external doors but because of their high security specification are good for use on exterior doors where security is important. They are used on most timber exterior doors, not PVC. How do I measure the size I need from the two sizes available? It's simply the depth of the...

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  8. FAQ’s DL16 – Mortice Deadlocks for Doors

    FAQ’s DL16 – Mortice Deadlocks for Doors

    Where can I use this door lock? These deadlocks are generally used on timber/wooden doors. They are ideal as a second lock where a nightlatch or rim lock is present on the door. A lot of customers use them when the house is empty or when they go to bed at night to secure the external doors. They really are excellent secondary type deadlocks from ...

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  9. Door Locks & Latches – FAQ’s

    Door Locks & Latches – FAQ’s

    I want to change the keys on my front door, how is this possible? If it is a pvc door then just change the euro cylinder. If it is a timber door with a nightlatch/rim cylinder just change the rim cylinder part. If it is a sashlock then the lock case will need to be changed. Can I fit a mortice sash lock to an interior door with a simple ...

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  10. Patio Door Locks – FAQ’s

    Patio Door Locks – FAQ’s

    Why are extra locks needed on sliding patio doors? Over the years it has become well known that sliding patio doors are vulnerable to forced entry via various techniques. To help overcome this insurance companies insist that extra locks have to be fitted to the inside of the door that are key locking. Where do you fit these locks on the door? It...

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