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  1. Replacement uPVC Door Handles – How To Replace them

    Replacement uPVC Door Handles – How To Replace them

    How To find replacement upvc door handles uPVC Door Handles tend to break between the lever and the backplate. Repairing them is not really an option as mechanical parts are just not available in the supply chain. The only answer is to find replacement upvc door handles. Follow our guidance either on this page or using our 'How To Measure uPVC ...

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  2. Lever Pad uPVC Door Handles – Learn More About Them

    Lever Pad uPVC Door Handles – Learn More About Them

    Why are lever pad upvc door handles used on a door? This type of handle has some profound differences in lock functionality to the general lever type  of uPVC Door Handles found on most doors. Lever pad upvc door handles can be inline and operate from one single spindle or independently from each side of the door using two inline spindles or two ...

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  3. Security Door Handles – FAQ’s

    Security Door Handles – FAQ’s

    What are security door handles? These are a fairly recent innovation found in some residential door applications and largely the result of much publicity given to the burglary technique known as lock snapping. Conventional upvc Door Handles can be broken fairly easily so new designs of handles have been designed to counteract this. These door ...

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  4. Internal Door Handles – FAQ’s

    Internal Door Handles – FAQ’s

    Can these internal handles be used on a front door or exterior door? You can use them on an exterior door, and many people do, but the longevity of the handle with respect to resistance to weathering is not as strong as needed. Our handles are no different to anyone else's in a lot of respects but we do specify they are preferred as ...

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  5. Interior Door Knobs – FAQ’s

    Interior Door Knobs – FAQ’s

    Are door knobs sprung? In most cases they are sprung knobs where the spring is applied to one of the knobs. Check the details of each door knob when purchasing to be sure. Do they come in pairs and are they handed? All door knobs are sold in pairs for interior doors. When fitting to the door be sure to locate the sprung knob onto the door in the...

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  6. Snib Latch Door Handles – FAQ’s

    Snib Latch Door Handles – FAQ’s

    What are snib latch door handles? A snib latch door handle is made with a snib turning button which is similar to the old Yale nightlatches. Turning the knob would hold the lock open. This is particularly useful if you are going outside for a short time and need to keep the door on latch. Only a few door handle manufacturers used this function ...

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  7. French Door Handles & How To Find Them

    French Door Handles & How To Find Them

    How do I find the correct replacement French door handles for my upvc conservatory? French door handles are found on double doors like in conservatories or patio areas. The handles themselves  can be very tricky to replace. In the first instance you need to find the correct upvc door handles for the main door and then look for the slave door ...

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  8. FAQ Patio Door Handles

    FAQ Patio Door Handles

    How do I remove the handle from the patio door? It’s very simple. Although there are different design handles they are usually removed by finding the two screws that hold the inner and outer handles together. How do I know if the patio handle will fit my door? Check the details of the fixing hole positions and the key-hole if relevant. The ...

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  9. Tilt and Slide Patio Door Handles – FAQ’s

    Tilt and Slide Patio Door Handles – FAQ’s

    What is a tilt and slide patio door handle? Patio tilt and slide door handles are found on double glazed type patio doors where the patio door can slide and via the action of the handle the door can also be left in a tilt position for ventilation. Are these handles handed? They are fully rotating handles so are capable or working on a left hand ...

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  10. Balcony Door Handles – FAQ’s

    Balcony Door Handles – FAQ’s

    What is a balcony door handle? Balcony door handles can be the same as any normal upvc door handle but some designs depend on the size, design and functionality of the balcony. For most balcony situations the door handle only needs to operate and lock from the internal side of the door, thereby requiring some slight differences to the handle as ...

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