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Door Furniture

  1. UPVC Door Furniture - FAQ

    UPVC Door Furniture - FAQ

    What is the best advice to consider when replacing upvc door furniture? In a nutshell.. don't...

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  2. Letter Boxes for Doors - Customer Questions

    Letter Boxes for Doors - Customer Questions

    Can you replace letter boxes with the same model? If you can then so much the...

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  3. Rim Knobs - FAQ's

    Rim Knobs - FAQ's

    Can I use any door knob for my rim lock? No. Rim knobs have a different...

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  4. Door Chains - FAQ's

    Door Chains - FAQ's

    Are your door chains easy to fit to upvc doors? They can be awkward in two...

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  5. Internal Door Handles - FAQ's

    Internal Door Handles - FAQ's

    Can these internal handles be used on a front door or exterior door? You can use...

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  6. Pewter Ironmongery - FAQ's

    Pewter Ironmongery - FAQ's

    Are your handles actually made from Pewter? They are not made from pewter rather a collection...

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  7. Interior Door Knobs - FAQ's

    Interior Door Knobs - FAQ's

    Are door knobs sprung? In most cases they are sprung knobs where the spring is applied...

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  8. FAQ's Door Knockers

    FAQ's Door Knockers

    How do I know a new door-knocker will fit? Just measure the distance between the centres...

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  9. Types of Door Stops - What You Need To Know

    Types of Door Stops - What You Need To Know

      What types of door stops are available? The types of door stops that are most...

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  10. Replacement uPVC Letterbox - Quick Questions

    Replacement uPVC Letterbox - Quick Questions

      What do I need to know before buying a replacement uPVC letterbox? Try to to...

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