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  1. UPVC Door Furniture – FAQ

    UPVC Door Furniture – FAQ

    What is the best advice to consider when replacing upvc door furniture? In a nutshell.. don't impulse buy. The main furniture items on a upvc door would be considered the letterbox, the door handle and the door knocker, and these are the items you need to spend the most research time on. The older your door the more unlikely it may be to find ...

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  2. Letter Boxes for Doors – Customer Questions

    Letter Boxes for Doors – Customer Questions

    Can you replace letter boxes with the same model? If you can then so much the better but in some cases customers have to find something similar and make them fit. Upvc letter boxes are much stricter to replace as they have a sleeve built into the design and this has to pass through the door aperture. Take a look at a standard upvc door letterbox ...

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  3. Rim Knobs – FAQ’s

    Rim Knobs – FAQ’s

    Can I use any door knob for my rim lock? No. Rim knobs have a different design whereby the inside knob that fits onto the rim lock is without a rose to allow it to seat down onto the rim lock. Are rim knobs sprung? They are not sprung as the lock should contain the spring and the combination of the two should make it easy to operate even without...

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  4. Door Chains – FAQ’s

    Door Chains – FAQ’s

    Are your door chains easy to fit to upvc doors? They can be awkward in two respects so best to make some assessment of how you would fit the door chain before going too far. The problems usually occur with either a limited amount of frame to fit the chain bracket to (16mm needed) or getting an adequate fixing into the cavity of the pvc door. How ...

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  5. Internal Door Handles – FAQ’s

    Internal Door Handles – FAQ’s

    Can these internal handles be used on a front door or exterior door? You can use them on an exterior door, and many people do, but the longevity of the handle with respect to resistance to weathering is not as strong as needed. Our handles are no different to anyone else's in a lot of respects but we do specify they are preferred as ...

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  6. Pewter Ironmongery – FAQ’s

    Pewter Ironmongery – FAQ’s

    Are your handles actually made from Pewter? They are not made from pewter rather a collection of metal alloys that are developed into a pewter effect. The end result is a stunning and persuasive look of traditional pewter ironmongery. How durable is the pewter effect finish? Extremely durable on interior as well as exterior doors. The finish is ...

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  7. Interior Door Knobs – FAQ’s

    Interior Door Knobs – FAQ’s

    Are door knobs sprung? In most cases they are sprung knobs where the spring is applied to one of the knobs. Check the details of each door knob when purchasing to be sure. Do they come in pairs and are they handed? All door knobs are sold in pairs for interior doors. When fitting to the door be sure to locate the sprung knob onto the door in the...

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  8. FAQ’s Door Knockers

    FAQ’s Door Knockers

    How do I know a new door-knocker will fit? Just measure the distance between the centres of the two holes on your existing door-knocker and make sure that you check the General Details page to ensure that the bolts line up. That’s it How do I fit a new door-knocker? Just unscrew the two bolts from the inside and push through to dislodge from ...

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  9. Types of Door Stops – What You Need To Know

    Types of Door Stops – What You Need To Know

      What types of door stops are available? The types of door stops that are most common break down into two distinct categories. Floor mounted door stops or wall door stops. How easy is it to fit these door stops? These are simple products that can be quickly and easily installed although there are some important factors you need to assess...

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  10. Replacement uPVC Letterbox – Quick Questions

    Replacement uPVC Letterbox – Quick Questions

      What do I need to know before buying a Replacement uPVC Letterbox? Try to to establish the following: The width of the letterbox – 10 inch or 12 inch. The height of the letterbox – slimline (50mm) or standard (70mm). The aperture size – the aperture is the slot cut in the door. Replacement uPVC Letterbox Measurement Questions...

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