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Cabinet Handles

  1. Kitchen Door Handles - FAQ's

    Kitchen Door Handles - FAQ's

    What do I need to check before replacing kitchen door handles? The critical issue is being...

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  2. Pull Handles - FAQ's

    Pull Handles - FAQ's

    Is it straightforward to replace most pull handles? It is fairly straightforward to replace pull handles...

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  3. Cupboard Cup Handles - What You Need To Know!

    Cupboard Cup Handles - What You Need To Know!

    What sort of applications can I use cupboard cup handles for? These handles are very popular...

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  4. Kids Drawer Knobs - FAQ's

    Kids Drawer Knobs - FAQ's

    Where are these novelty drawer knobs best used? They are great for children's nurseries and bedrooms...

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  5. Cupboard Knobs - FAQ's

    Cupboard Knobs - FAQ's

    How are cupboard knobs fitted? It's usually just one screw thread (provided) that screws into the...

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  6. Black Antique Cabinet Handles - FAQ's

    Black Antique Cabinet Handles - FAQ's

    What are these antique handles and knobs made from? They are made from a number of...

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  7. Pewter Cabinet Handles - FAQ's

    Pewter Cabinet Handles - FAQ's

    Are these cabinet handles made from Pewter? They are not made from pewter but are produced...

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  8. Cabinet Fittings & Accessories - FAQ's

    Cabinet Fittings & Accessories - FAQ's

    What is a full overlay cupboard hinge? A full overlay hinge means the cupboard door will...

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