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  1. Kitchen Door Handles – FAQ’s

    Kitchen Door Handles – FAQ’s

    What do I need to check before replacing kitchen door handles? The critical issue is being able to find handles that will pick up the existing holes in the cupboard door. We suggest you measure the size between the centres of the two fixing holes and compare them against the preferred cabinet handle designs you want. The best way to do this is ...

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  2. Pull Handles – FAQ’s

    Pull Handles – FAQ’s

    Is it straightforward to replace most pull handles? It is fairly straightforward to replace pull handles on drawers, cabinets and cupboards. The most important thing to measure is the size between the centres of the two screw holes. This should fall into one of the standard sizes unless you are unlucky. Take a look at this replacement cabinet ...

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  3. Cupboard Cup Handles – What You Need To Know!

    Cupboard Cup Handles – What You Need To Know!

    What sort of applications can I use cupboard cup handles for? These handles are very popular now and used by customers for kitchen cupboards or drawers of different types. It would be best to check the fixing centres to be sure they can replace the pull or bar type handles. The 64mm centres size is the most popular. How many fixings are supplied ...

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  4. Kids Drawer Knobs – FAQ’s

    Kids Drawer Knobs – FAQ’s

    Where are these novelty drawer knobs best used? They are great for children's nurseries and bedrooms and fit any drawer, cupboard, wardrobe or cabinet where one screw hole is used for fixing. Are they suitable for very young children? Some of the knobs are made from soft plastic, even flexible, and are easy to handle. If a toddler should grapple...

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  5. Cupboard Knobs – FAQ’s

    Cupboard Knobs – FAQ’s

    How are cupboard knobs fitted? It's usually just one screw thread (provided) that screws into the back of the knob through a clearance hole in the drawer, cupboard or door. The fitting is usually an M4 (4mm) screw. Can I get different sizes of the same knob design? In a lot of cases you can choose from a selection of sizes at the point of order...

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  6. Black Antique Cabinet Handles – FAQ’s

    Black Antique Cabinet Handles – FAQ’s

    What are these antique handles and knobs made from? They are made from a number of metal alloys and cast into a finished product. Finishing is created using a special black powder coating process. Do you have matching black antique ironmongery for interior door handles? We do have a range of black antique door handles, letterboxes and most ...

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  7. Pewter Cabinet Handles – FAQ’s

    Pewter Cabinet Handles – FAQ’s

    Are these cabinet handles made from Pewter? They are not made from pewter but are produced to look as close as possible to the authentic appearance and feel of real pewter handles. The metal based materials are die-cast to produce the period pewter look and finished carefully using an electrolysis process and completed using an enamel like stove ...

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  8. Cabinet Fittings & Accessories – FAQ’s

    Cabinet Fittings & Accessories – FAQ’s

    What is a full overlay cupboard hinge? A full overlay hinge means the cupboard door will close across the full unit size as opposed to a half overlay which reveals half the thickness of the cupboard unit. Are the soft close hinges a standard size? They will suit most modern day kitchen door units with recessed hinges. What is the best way to ...

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