How to replace upvc door handlesThe easiest way to find out how to replace upvc door handles is watching someone else do it! That's why we have produced a short video showing how easy this is to do for yourself. Replacing uPVC Door Handles can be a little different to conventional external front door handles. The screws that pass through a upvc door usually pass through a lockcase. Therefore, you can’t always assume the fixing centres can be re-drilled into different positions. Otherwise, you may hit the lockcase and then that may be the end of your upvc door. This deceives a lot of customers as the lockcase is longer than you would expect.

Now you know the most important reason why you have to be so careful then how to replace upvc door handles becomes a lot clearer. The hardest part in all of this remains finding the replacement handle set. In order to do this use our matrix for how to measure upvc door handles as this will link you to the handle. This should get you there if you have an inline single spindle handle. If you have two spindles, that are offset, use this guide - how to measure upvc offset door handles. These are typically known as lever pad door handles.

General guidance to assist our video: How To Replace uPVC Door Handles

  1. Firstly, measure the size between the centre of the key hole and the centre of the lever and make sure that you find replacement uPVC Lever Door Handles with the exact size!
  2. Measure the size from the centre of the top screw hole to the centre of the lever and also measure the size between the two screw hole centres.
  3. Now watch how easy this is to do yourself by clicking the start button to the video.

There is much more to read up on if you want to know more, like the typical questions customers have about replacement upvc door handles.