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How to replace your uPVC door handles?

Replacing uPVC Door Handles can be a little different to conventional door handles found inside your home or perhaps even rim locks such as the Yale lock. The screws that pass through the door usually pass through a lock case so you can’t always just assume the fixing centres can be re-drilled into a different position otherwise you may hit the lock case and then that may be the end of your door!

With that being said it is a very easy take for one to do as long as you follow some very simple steps:

  1. Firstly, measure the size between the centre of the key hole and the centre of the lever and make sure that you find a replacement uPVC Door Handle with the exact size!
  2. Measure the size from the centre of the top screw hole to the centre of the lever and also measure the size between the 2 screw hole centres.


To make your life a lot easier you can follow this process outlined on Handlestore.com, it will guide you through the measurements needed and then will find the uPVC handles for you, click here to find this process.

The good thing is that the lock sizes are unique to different lock manufactured so you will general find the correct handle that will fit all the size measurements as mentioned above.

How to Replace uPVC Door Handles - Questions & Answers!

Author: George Mitchell

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