Firstly, you are probably wondering where you order the keyed-alike service? It's easy and it is all done in the cart/basket.

Step 1: Put two or more DL11 or DL20 locks into the cart.

Step 2: Select the 'edit' link under the Blue Button (No). This will take you to a pop up screen.

DL11 Keyed Alike Process Step 1

Step 3: Select the locks you want keyed-alike together (only tick the ones you want to have the same key) and select Update. If you want to then have a separate set go back from the cart and select the other locks you require and this will group the locks into a separate set where you can also add extra keys per group.

DL11 Keyed ALike Selection Page

Further Assistance With Grouping Your Keyed - Alikes

When you have multiple locks in your basket but you do not wish for them all to be keyed-alike, you select the required locks you wish to have in your keyed-alike group. Then click update. Simple.

DL20 and DL11 Selection

Once you have updated your required group of keyed-alike products you will see your grouped keyed-alikes towards the bottom of your shopping cart screen. (as seen below). if you need multiple groups keyed alike, now you have selected group 1 view yor shopping cart and you will see the keyed alike option status now says "Yes".

Repeating the same previous steps, select the items you want in group 2 from your shopping cart. (not the items from group 1) When you update you will now have a visible group 1 and group 2 at the bottom of the shopping cart screen.

Keyed Alike Basket Page

Adding Extra Keys To A Group

Adding extra keys to your keyed-alike group. (as seen in the image below) You will be given the option to add additionl keys, select the quantity of keys you wish to have with the required keyed-alike group and select the update tab to add those keys to the keyed-alike group. Repeating the same if you wish to have any extra keys to any other additional groups.

Extra Keys available for DL11 and DL20

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