When your decorating a room, it’s usually paint, wallpaper and furnishings that garner most of your thought and attention – understandably so. Which is why it’s such a huge shame when, having spent so much time deliberating between Etruscan red and tourmaline red, that the overall effect is ruined through the omission of small details.

It’s had often been said that small details make all the difference, tying a look together or providing that final polish. Among those often-overlooked small details are window and door handles. Probably viewed as a more functional necessity than a design piece, many people never think to update theirs when decorating a room. However, an incongruous handle can stick out like a sore thumb and no proud DIY enthusiast will want that.

To that end, here are a few tips on choosing window and door handles that are right for your decor:

Reeded Rim Knob Complement your style

With so many different varieties of door and window handle available, it’s nice to find one which blends in or complements the room. Burnished brass internal door knobs might work well with older rooms that have been restored to their original glory, while those with pretty glass handles would perfectly suit a vintage theme. Meanwhile a super sleek modern room might benefit from satin chrome alternatives, which will never date. Even chocolate-box cottages can have timber windows transformed with antique-effect curling ‘monkey tail’ latches.

Material considerations

You don’t want chrome? Then don’t have chrome. Window latches, locks, door knobs, drawer pulls and handles are manufactured in a plethora of materials from which you can choose your favourite. Zinc, plastic, bronze, ceramic, glass, wrought iron, nickel, stainless steel – you name it, there’s been a handle made from it. It’s a fact that many people are probably unaware of, but the choice of material can, again, really add to your décor.

What’s the use?

It’s worth bearing in mind where the handles will go and how much use they might receive in order to select the right ones. For example, some shiny metals might require regular cleaning to buff fingerprints away, while others could stain if accidentally splashed with certain foods or liquids.

Plastic or matt metals might be better on doors and windows in a child’s room, while an ornate cupboard might jump to life with some intricate pewter swirls. Choosing handles which are fit for purpose can ensure they last for years.

Fixing Centre Diagram Size them up

These small details are called so for a reason, they’re not really designed to be the focal point of a room. The concept of over-size door knobs should be left well alone with ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Thus it makes sense that you choose a design that fits and doesn’t dominate. The difference in size might seem tiny at just a few millimetres, but bear in mind the addition could add to the projection of the handle (how far out it extends) and also leave less room for your fingers when closing the door or window.

It goes without saying that you should have your door and/or window measurements to hand when purchasing handles. Guessing widths and lengths could result in ill-fitting handles.

Effectively functional

There’s no point choosing an attractive set of handles if they only look good. As a functional item, they should also do the job they are designed to do – namely open the doors or windows and keep them securely locked where appropriate. It might sound obvious, but cheaper latches and knobs may be more about ‘style over substance’ and unable to lock or close properly. Do your research and find a reputable retailer from which you can buy a quality product; one that works effectively.

uPVC Window Handle Ultimately, you do not have to endure the standard – if not boring – handles that the house builders bought in bulk and installed when the property was in the last stages of construction.

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Author: George Mitchell