Cotswold Window Handles

Cotswold have been making window handles since the market for double glazing began. Their early day handle was centred around a cockspur handle (AL50) used for aluminium double glazed windows and this is still found on windows today. Future variations were brought into production for a upvc window that used cockspur style handles and these were known as the PV300 and PV600 handles. Varying step heights were produced to accommodate different types of uPVC frame designs and notably the 13mm, 17mm and 21mm step sizes were common. Nowadays this Cotswold window handle is no longer very popular but it is still found on windows and it can still be replaced using the W19 locking cockspur handle shown below.

Cockspur Handles Made By Cotswold

Cotswold window handle

The handle shown above is the Cotswold Cockspur Handle PV300 and this can be used to replace the PV600 and the AL50 types if the wedge receiver size is adjusted. Click the image above to go to the details page where the handle can be ordered.

Cotswold cockspur handle in 2 step heights - 13mm and 21mm

The Cotswold cockspur is available in two step heights of 13mm and 21mm. These can replace 9mm and 17mm step height handles if the wedge blocks are altered. If you look under the lever you may see markings such as MK4, MK5 or MK6 for the model number.

Cotswold cockspur handle has 3 screw holes

These Cotswold coskpur handles have 3 fixings but they will line up with 4 fixing holes found on lots of other models of this type. They are also key locking.

Spare parts for the Cotswold Cockspur handle

If you need spare parts for this cockspur handle then the rivet cap and screw cover caps are available to purchase. These are not suitable for the 9mm size Cotswold cockspur handle known as the AL50.

Espag Handles Made By Cotswold

Cotswold espag handle ES900

The most popular Cotswold espag window handle was the ES900 and this was found on a lot of early day aluminium and upvc windows. If you have this handle then it can easily be replaced by any espag handle. You will need the spindle length but everything else is still standard with those made today.