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Cockspur Window Handles - UPVC or Timber?

There are two types of Cockspur Window Handles so select carefully!

Cockspur handles for uPVC and aluminium windows or Cockspur Window handles for timber windows

We've got a massive selection of cockspur handles for you to choose from but first we need to know whether you have a timber window (wood) or a double glazed uPVC or aluminium window. Click one of the pictures or links below.

Cockspur Window Handles For UPVC Windows.

Cockspur handles for uPVC and aluminium double glazed windows. Older style double glazing cockspur handles.

Review or purchase from our extensive range of cockspur window handles for the typical older double glazed window made from uPVC or aluminium. The handle closes across a wedge made from plastic (ramp shape). You will need a few measurements to help find the correct size and we show you how to do this. You can also order different sizes of wedges if needed. Both locking and non-locking are available for different applications.


Window Handles For Timber Windows.

Timber window cockspur handles Timber cockspur handles come with the catch.

Click the link above to see our range of cockspur window handles found on a timber window. These are cockspur handles that close into a keeper block or a mortice joint on the mullion of the window. Typically referred to as window latches. and these timber cockspur handles come with the catch as well to provide easy fitting.