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Cockspur Handle Wedges - FAQ's

Are these cockspur wedges a standard size?

The wedges we show are the most popular size for replacement wedges but bear in mind the thickness varies. As long as your cockspur wedges have two small lugs on the back of the wedge at 31mm centres then these should replace them.

What sizes are available?

We sell the following sizes: 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10, and 12mm. These sizes are the thickest point on the wedge.

How do you get the wedges off the window?

You'll need to prise them off very carefully without damaging the window. They are basically a tight push-fit so once you lift the wedge it will start to come off easier. Maybe a Stanley knife or similar to just to get under the block.

How do I fit them?

As long as the lugs line up then carefully tap them into place using a soft mallet.

My cockspur wedges are the same shape but the lugs are different centres?

The best thing to do is to shave or file one of the plastic lugs off until perfectly flat and locate the other lug into one of the holes on the window. If you also use some silicone sealant under the wedge and then leave the handle on the wedge overnight it should remain in place.

My wedges are angled around the corner of the frame?

That is unfortunate as they don't make these type of wedges any more so a diy fix is the order of the day.

Can the wedges be used on aluminium windows and timber windows?

Yes they are very popular on aluminium windows but rarely seen on timber windows unless the frames are flush but even then it's not the best solution.