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Biggest DIY problems that are faced by Brits!

Doors that don't close or lock properly are now the most common gripe amongst UK homeowners.

A survey, carried out by Populus on behalf of Which?, aimed to find the biggest DIY problems faced by Brits, in addition to ascertaining just how house-proud the UK really is.

Door security topped the list, closely followed by a poor state of decoration and mould or damp on the walls, reports diyweek.net. In total, a staggering 106.4 million maintenance problems have accumulated across the country.

Although many Brits either have unfinished DIY projects or homes that still feature a previous owner's decorations, the survey found that we're actually very house-proud. Some 55 per cent of UK homeowners said they 'take great care of their home and pride in its appearance'. Meanwhile, just 37 per cent admitted to procrastinating on maintenance jobs.

Residents of Northern Ireland will be proud to learn that they are the most house-proud according to the survey, as well as the most likely to ensure their gardens and outdoor spaces look good. At the other end of the spectrum, which.co.uk reveals that homeowners in the South West are the most relaxed over the appearance and general condition of their humble abodes.

Stephen McCluskey, managing director of Which? Trusted Traders, said: "Letting maintenance jobs build up can be dangerous. Whether it's exposed wiring in the home or a problem with the hand brake in your car, an inconvenient niggle can quickly develop into a more serious problem if it isn't dealt with properly and quickly."

The top ten UK maintenance issues were:
1. Doors that don't close or lock properly
2. Poor state of decoration
3. Mould on walls or damp
4. Squeaky hinges
5. Peeling wallpaper
6. Uneven flooring
7. Leaky taps
8. Loose carpet
9. Bathroom fittings that don't work properly
10. Broken light fittings.