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  1. Replacement Cabinet Handles - Size Guide

    Replacement Cabinet Handles - Size Guide

    Use our quick replacement cabinet handles sizing guide to find the correct replacement handles you need. Remember, these are shown in order of their fixing centres ( the size between the centre points of the two fixing holes), NOT the length of the handle. Click the images to take you to the respective product page. […]

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  2. Coronavirus Latest and What We are Doing

      We are currently dispatching orders received from the following channels (2pm cut-off for Hermes, 2pm cut-off for DPD Monday to Friday): Handlestore website Ebay Amazon (fulfilled by Seller) We expect to see reductions in stockholding impacting our business as suppliers are mostly shutdown. If you are able to select the stock you need from […]

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  3. How to Replace uPVC Door Handles using Video

    How to Replace uPVC Door Handles using Video

    The easiest way to find out how to replace upvc door handles is watching someone else do it! That's why we have produced a short video showing how easy this is to do for yourself. Replacing uPVC Door Handles can be a little different to conventional external front door handles. The screws that pass through […]

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  4. Letterboxes Stand The Test of Time

    Letterboxes Stand The Test of Time

    Looking closer inside letterboxes! Letterboxes are one of the most important features of your home exterior – that slot in the door that allows the post to come in, but keeps drafts and thieves out! Letterboxes are a highly functional piece of hardware, but also one that now comes with a wonderful choice of finishes […]

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  5. Front Door Handles - Find The Correct One

    Front Door Handles - Find The Correct One

    If you want to get straight into choosing front door handles then click one of the three images below. This will then take you to a selection of handles.   There are many types of front door handles and selecting the correct one is very important. The starting point is to look at the type […]

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  6. 3 Star Keyed Alike Locks - One Key Pattern!

    3 Star Keyed Alike Locks - One Key Pattern!

    You can order your 3 star keyed alike locks via this website and below we show you how to do that. What we offer: We currently have two types (makes) of 3 star locks that can be keyed-alike (only to the same brand not cross makes/types). Securit 3 Star Anti Snap Locks (thumbturns and cylinders […]

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  7. Stainless Steel Door Handles - Customer Questions

    Stainless Steel Door Handles - Customer Questions

    When it comes to purchasing stainless steel door handles there a few things you will probably want to ask. Below are a series of questions that are most considered by our customers. If you have any further questions let us know by emailing our Technical Support Team from the Support tab at the top of […]

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  8. Rewards Points

    Rewards Points

    Reward Points The Reward Points Program allows you to earn points for certain actions you take on the site. Points are awarded based on making purchases and certain customer actions that are made available from time to time. Benefits of Reward Points for Registered Customers Once you register your free customer account you will be able […]

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  9. How To Make Your Really Old Windows Look Like New!

    How To Make Your Really Old Windows Look Like New!

    If there’s one part of our house that doesn’t hide wear and tear in the most immaculate fashion, it’s the windows. A good pane should be perfectly clear, rid of any scratches and scrapes whilst still being able to open and close with ease. Thankfully that’s not to say that older sets of windows are beyond repair, and you’ll find that most fittings can be polished up […]

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  10. Handlestore Black Friday Sales Terms and Conditions 2017

    10% Off All products* Now On! Special Terms & Conditions For the Handlestore Black Friday Sale Ends Midnight Sunday 26th November 2017! Special offer discounts are applied to prices net of P&P and VAT. Doesn’t apply to special orders such as key cutting and keyed alike services. All product prices will reduce when added to […]

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