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Balcony Door Handles - FAQ's

What is a balcony door handle?

Balcony door handles can be the same as any normal upvc door handle but some designs depend on the size, design and functionality of the balcony. For most balcony situations the door handle only needs to operate and lock from the internal side of the door, thereby requiring some slight differences to the handle as you may find on french door handles.

Do the handles come with locks?

The handles we show are non-locking but come with the escutcheons for the cylinder lock which is typically found on a upvc balcony door. The cylinder on your door can be replaced if necessary.

My balcony handle has a long spindle but most replacements are short spindles?

A lot of customers confuse the tilt and turn window handle with the balcony door handle. The latter requires a longer spindle to enable the outer and inner handles to operate together. Tilt and turn window handles only operate on one side of the window so the spindle is short. Even though the balcony handle operates both sides you can still key lock the door separately.

My balcony door handles are more like a upvc front door handle?

In that case you need to look at a handle set that is used on upvc doors. Follow the guidelines for how to measure upvc door handles to ensure you get the correct set. If there are two handles side by side you made need a slave door handle to match should there be no lock on the outside.