You can order your 3 star keyed alike locks via this website and below we show you how to do that.

What we offer:

  • We currently have two types (makes) of 3 star locks that can be keyed-alike (only to the same brand not cross makes/types).
    1. Securit 3 Star Anti Snap Locks (thumbturns and cylinders range)
    2. Yale Platinum 3 Star Anti Snap Locks (cylinders only range)
  • Select one of the above ranges of 3 star anti snap locks - any size and either brass or nickel. One key will operate all those locks.
  • If required why not split down the locks into sets so a different key operates each set. Perhaps the patio doors to be different from the front and back doors?
  • Extra keys can be ordered at the same time and per set if sets are ordered. Please note: as we key alike from existing non-keyed alike cylinders you will only receive 3 keys per set of cylinders. This is regardless of how many cylinders are in the set. You will not receive 3 keys per cylinder as you would when buying individual cylinders.
  • Depending on demand we can usually offer a 3-5 working day turnaround.


How To Order 3 Star Keyed Alike Sets


Step 1: Start by finding the sizes you need from the relevant category page. Each picture is a unique and different size of cylinder so 35/45 is a split size from the centre of the screw hole to each end. The last size contains the ant-snap (AS) feature. Be sure to bear this in mind with these cylinders as this is the size that goes on the outer side of the door. The total size of the cylinder in this example is 80mm and remember they are offset. Use this guide for a quick reference on how to measure a euro cylinder lock barrel.

Step 2: Once you know the sizes and colours you need then add them to the basket one at a time.

Step 3: Enter the basket from the top of the website and you will see a blue button at the top of the basket table marked 'keyed alike'. Select the 'edit' button next to any of the cylinder entries.

3 star keyed alike process

3 star keyed alike basket process

Step 4: When the pop-up shows your euro cylinders will show and you can now tick next to the ones you want keyed-alike into a set. Select Proceed and wait for the screen to return to the basket.

Step 5: When returning to the basket you can now add extra keys to this group of cylinders below the basket. Just 'add' and 'update'. This isolates the keyed-alike set away from any other cylinders you don't want keyed-alike and other groups which can be selected from any other cylinders that are still in the main basket area.

If you wish to add another separate set of cylinders then add them to the basket first and follow the process from 'Step 3'. If you need help to order please call our Sales team Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm on 01922 453232.