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uPVC Door Handles - Lever/Pad


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uPVC Door Handles - Lever/Pad
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uPVC Door Handles - Pad Designs


Replacement offset and inline uPVC door handles for double glazed doors. Here we show upvc door handle sets with a lever on the inside and a paddle on the outside. Some pads are inline with the lever but some are off-set for key-entry. If you need handles with a lever on the outside Lever Handles.


Lever pad uPVC door handles are found on some PVC type doors and the pad and lever operate separately in most cases. This means the door can be closed without having to worry about key locking it when on the inside. A lot of customers ask us if they can convert from an inline single spindle handle to an off-set lever pad uPVC door handle and in some cases the answer is yes. What you will need to do is just take the handle off and observe if there is a second spindle hole about 20-30mm further down on the outside of the door. If there is just take the measurements as per our drawings on the website shown under the details for each handle.  If there isn't it might be worth taking the lock out from the side of the door and checking to see if the lock body has the extra hole lower down. If it does you will be able to drill through the outer side of the door to expose the spindle hole for its use. If you don't have this feature built into your lock then regrettably this will mean changing the complete locking system or the door itself.


      Find your uPVC door handles using our 3-step wizard!   Contact us if you can't find your uPVC door handles or if you need more advice!



Customers Please Note: You will need the sizes for the key hole, lever, pad and screw positions.


Study the pictures below for the key-hole to pad size (A1) shown on the pics!


Useful information.



Some lever pad upvc door handles need to be fixed on the outside and used as a pull handle. This is the case where the lock itself rotates all the locking points as opposed to the uplift of the handle. The key would need to be turned 2-3 complete revolutions for the locks to work. These are great locks for security but are probably more rare nowadays. The stub spindle can be a good way to turn a lever or pad handle into a pull handle.

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