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Trickle Vents


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You're on a page where you can buy replacement trickle vents for your windows!
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Click the product image that best represents the size of unit you need i.e. 265mm on the picture is the length. Then check the sizes diagram to find all the sizes you need.
All you need to do is measure the slot on the window and make sure the new one is able to cover it and you can get the screw fixing points into the frame. All our trickle vents are screw fixed. If you need the external vent canopies these can be found on a separate page.

Replacement trickle vents can be mixed colours!


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Replacement double glazing vents from Titon
Buy Replacement uPVC Trickle Vents Here...
A unique UK designed trickle vent from Titon for the replacement of existing, tired, missing or broken slot vents. These trickle vents are screwed to the frame and can be operated by a unique tilt action to deflect the air up or down or both as desired. Finger control is a smooth and easy action enhanced by a sculptured finger recess. Refer to the notes on the left or click the pictures for more information. If you want to open the window for trickle ventilation why not try the window restrictors range or read about our various window safety locks for open windows?


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More on Trickle Vents....
The vents we show on this page can replace most sizes of vents found on a double glazed window and all are screw fixed.
All you need to do to is take your existing slot vent off the window and measure the length and width of the slot that is cut into the window.
Then choose the best size from the range we offer to ensure that the vent slot is covered and taking into account the space needed for the screw fixing positions.
When you click on the pictures you will find all the information including a more detailed view of the sizes and frequently asked questions on the installation and use of trickle vents.
By and large these are found mostly on uPVC windows but can be used on timber or aluminium windows provided there is the room to fix them. Replacement should be easy but if you are fitting them to windows without slots then this will be more of a challenge. See the Trickle Vents FAQ's for more information.
A lot of customers like trickle vents because they are discrete and secure. They can improve the overall air quality and help with problems such as condensation. In the summer when it is impossible to sleep they are great for letting in air when you are not feeling too secure about leaving your window open. Obviously the bigger the EA rating of the trickle vent the more air flow you can expect and these vents are some of the most powerful on the market for their size. If you are cross comparing it is always worth asking about the EA rating! EA stands for Equivalent Area and some suppliers quote this incorrectly so be sure as this gives you an idea as to the power of the air volume as well as whether it meets building regulations.
EA ratings for HandleStore trickle vents:
V2000 - 1700EA
V4000 - 4600EA
VXR4000 - 4600 EA
V4000SLIM - 4400 EA
V5000 - 5000EA
You are probably wondering whether you can fit these vents if your window doesn't currently have them. Well the answer is you can but you need to be DIY minded or at least know someone who is.
One of the things customers really like about th we vents is the adjustable air flow. It is really easy to adjust the air path and looks good too. If you are sitting close to an air vent then the last thing you want is a targeted draught heading towards you. Just angle the air path to face upwards or downwards or which ever way you prefer.
Oh one other thing customers say is the external canopy with its discrete inbuilt mesh design is excellent for stopping 8 legged intruders! Small bugs may get in but the larger ones will need to be an Olympic gymnast to do so!
We hope you enjoy your purchase of our products and if you are in anyway displeased let us know and we will put it right!
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